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Author of more than 140 books and more than 200 works of history, both books and scholarly articles.

Welcome to the world of fascinating narratives and groundbreaking chronicles. As America’s most prolific and leading American Revolutionary War Historian, I’m here to take you on a journey back in time. If you're a history enthusiast, my collection will be a gateway for you to the universe of authentic historical volumes.

With a portfolio of over 140 published books and a collection of more than 200 fascinating historical works, I proudly present you with the finest historical books about authentic subjects of groundbreaking history. My goal has been to educate and enlighten everyone with the collection of first-ever biographies and groundbreaking history, illuminating the significant men's and women’s history whose actions have shaped the trajectory of history.

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Best Sellers Books

Kings Mountain Vol 2

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The winning of American Independence

Discover the significant and detailed contributions of Alexander Hamilton in winning the most crucial victory of the American Revolutionary War of 1781. The book details the battlefield performance of the young lieutenant colonel and his pivotal role in the surrender of Lord Cornwallis’s army in the war at Yorktown, which took place after a victorious battle of Kings Mountain in 1780. Alexander took charge and attacked the strategically crucial British fortification called Redoubt Number Ten, situated at the left flank of the British defense line. He successfully captured the British fortification, which led to the defeat of Lord Cornwallis’s Army. This victory marked the American Revolution’s success and profoundly impacted world history. Dr.Tucker offers new and more profound insights into the role of Alexander Hamilton compared to other historians or authors.

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Saving Washington’s army

Phillip Thomas Tucker has meticulously narrated the little-known tale of the Battle of Pell’s Point and the heroic actions of Colonel John Glover, ensuring historical accuracy and attention to detail throughout his account. General William Howe, the commander of the mighty British-Hessian Army, along with his troops, had a prime opportunity to capture and destroy the army of General George Washington when he landed his troops at Pell’s Point, the northern side of New York City. His bold move of landing north of Washington’s army severely threatened the American Revolution and the Continental Army until thwarted by Colonel Glover’s tactical brilliance.

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Anne Bonny

This book narrates the life of Anne Bonny, the most famous female pirate of the 1700s. Dr. Tucker has offered a profound historical account of Anne Bonny, including her early twenties when she faced the death penalty in 1720 in Jamaica’s capital. However, she managed to avoid the sentence with the help of old British Law regarding the non-execution of pregnant women. This is the first-ever book to narrate a complete story of Anne Bonny and how she outwitted the High Court and dared to escape from the gallows.

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Cathy Williams

The book narrates the life of one of the most inspirational figures in American women’s history. Cathy was the first African-American woman who served in the U.S. Army. She disguised herself as a man named William Cathay and enlisted in the army as a Female Buffalo Soldier after the Civil War. Dr. Tucker has meticulously showcased her bravery and determination in pursuing her goal and how she served in the military from November 1866 to October 1868, which is a groundbreaking achievement at a time when women were not allowed to serve in the United States Army. Her contribution to the U.S. Army is a significant part of African American’s contribution to American history.

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Rommel’s Wasted Opportunity

Dr. Tucker has given a fresh and authentic perspective on the D-Day Invasion. The book dispels the common myths and misunderstandings related to this monumental event,  dispelled the common misconceptions and myths surrounding this monumental event, which is marked as the most ambitious and successful military operation of the Allies. This book sheds light on the insight of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, a well-known historical figure with a strategy to stop the D-Day Invasion. Still, senior German Generals and Hitler ignored his idea. The book showcases how this missed opportunity could have altered the course of World War II and how Marshall Erwin Rommel’s strategies could have had a profound impact on the war’s outcome.

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Demise of the Florida dream

The book debunks the long-held misconceptions about the present state of Florida and sheds light on the unfiltered reality of the “Sunshine State” that has long persisted. Dr.Tucker presents an insightful perspective on the recent changes in Florida, which have significantly impacted the citizens’ standard of living, challenging the romanticized view many have had. For the first time in history, an author has addressed the myths and stereotypes that persisted about Florida and the “Florida Dream,” providing an accurate portrayal of the current circumstances while capturing the fundamental truth about Florida.

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The forgotten black confederate fighting men

This is the first-ever book that has presented a groundbreaking account of the significant contribution of the Confederacy’s first official Black Confederate soldiers. The Richmond Government formed them in their first action at the forgotten Battle of Painesville in Virginia on April 5, 1865. More than 200 Black Confederates performed exceptionally well in safeguarding the wagon train with vital supplies that General Robert E. Lee’s Army needed during their westward retreat after the Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia evacuation. Dr. Tucker unfolds the pivotal role of the Confederacy’s first officially recognized Black Confederate soldiers in one of the concluding battles of the Civil War. This book sheds light on their significant contribution to Black history.

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Anne Bonny’s Greatest Exploit

Phillip Thomas Trucker meticulously authored the pirate adventure of Anne Bonny in Nassau Harbor on August 22, 1720. This adventure of the famous female pirate in the 1700s marks a bold episode in the “Golden Age of Piracy.” Anne Bonny embarked on this precarious mission to hijack the ship named William. Led by Captain ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham, the crew’s Captain, Anne Bonny, along with other pirates, had the opportunity to capture the ship and continue their further adventures in the Caribbean in the summer and fall of 1720.

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Prince Estabrook

A very little-known fact has been unfolded in this book about one of the earliest Patriots, Prince Estabrook, an African American who was one of the first Americans who was wounded in combat in the American Revolution on April 19, 1776, in  Lexington, Massachusetts. The lack of recognition for the significant contribution of this “Minute Man” encouraged Phillip Thomas Tucker to present the valuable role of one of the important figures of that era.

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"One of the Most Innovative, Hardest Working, and Diligently Productive Historians of His Generation. What separates Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D., from other historians is that he is an innovative 'idea person.' I have known very few historians who can match his ability to conceive a topic, develop a fresh approach to it, and write about it in length."

Perry D. Jamieson, Ph.D. (Historian)

Phillip Thomas Tucker, PH.D.

A nationally acclaimed historian and an award-winning author of more than 140 books and more than 200 scholarly publications.

With a passion for crafting significant and groundbreaking history, Dr.Tucker has established himself as an esteemed figure in the historical and academic community. Through his remarkable publications, he aspires to captivate all individuals interested in authentic historical events and revolutionary figures. From the American Civil War history to the first-ever biographies of significant military leaders, his fresh and massive contribution to scholarship and prolific historical writings has honored him with the title "the Stephen King of History." Dr.Tucker has authored more than 200 scholarly articles and books of history and updated conventional historical narratives of traditional history. His two books, Anne Bonny and Cathy Williams, have been optioned for Hollywood films.