Phillip Thomas Tucker, PH.D.

A nationally acclaimed historian and an award-winning author of more than 140 books and more than 200 scholarly publications.

Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D., America’s most groundbreaking American Revolutionary War historian, has offered fresh and innovative perspectives to deconstruct obsolete traditional historical accounts. With more than 200 pieces of scholarly books and articles, Dr. Tucker has effectively modernized and replaced the outdated conventional historical narrative. After earning a Ph.D., Tucker joined the Defense Department as a civilian historian, specializing in the history of the Air Force, and transitioned into his full-time role as an author. His passion for crafting significant and groundbreaking history has earned him a respectable position in the historical and academic community. Through his groundbreaking publications, he inspires to educate, enlighten, and captivate all individuals interested in authentic historical events and revolutionary figures.

Awards And Nominations

Phillip Thomas Tucker is a highly recognized and award-winning historian of the United States of America, although his groundbreaking subjects are international ones. He is the most prolific and pioneering "New Look" historian across multiple facets of history. From the ancient history of the American Civil War to the history of significant military leaders worldwide, Dr.Tucker's fresh and massive contribution to historical projects has also honored him with the title of "the Stephen King of History."

  • 2017 - Best Romance Book - Capricorn
  • 2016 - Most Popular Author, Readers Choice
  • 2016, May - Best Selling Book - Gemini
  • 2016 - Best Adventure Book Nomination - Leo