Gettysburg’s Most Hellish Battleground

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Dr. Tucker has written deeply human and cutting-edge history in a large number of iconoclastic books that have illuminated major turning points in American history. Most notable is highly acclaimed “PICKETT’S CHARGE, A NEW LOOK AT GETTYSBURG’S FINAL ATTACK,” distributed by Simon & Schuster.

This book was lavishly praised by distinguished Yale graduate Thomas E. Ricks, one of America’s most gifted historians, in his New York Times Review, “Thomas Ricks on the Season’s Military History” (11/10/2016).

A Gifted scholar, Gettysburg expert, and former president of the College of Southern Maryland, Bradley M. Gottfried, Ph.D. emphasized how Dr. Tucker’s account of “PICKETT’S CHARGE” was “easily the best book on the topic.”

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